About CoinTrendz

CoinTrendz is a All-In-One Crypto Dashboard featuring a variety of tools to monitor & stay ahead of the fast-paced Crypto Market. You can signup for free and use the basic plan to test our platform. Connect your Telegram Chat with your CoinTrendz Account and start receiving your customized crypto alerts. You can set all kinds of crypto alerts including Pump & Dump alerts, TA alerts, Volume alerts, price alerts and more. Our Algorithms will monitor the crypto market 24/7 and alert you once it detects unusual market activity.

CoinTrendz is a tool that helps you to understand how the crypto market works and shows you whats happening at the moment. Use that information / signals to evaluate wether its worth it to enter a trade or not. Use CoinTrendz now and gain an edge in trading the markets.

We do also offer a lot of Free Crypto Tools & Telegram Channels such as Pump/Dump Detector, Sell/Buy Wall Monitor, Unusual Trading Price/Volume Activity and more. CoinTrendz also operates the #1 Crypto Market Bot on Telegram called CoinTrendzBot.

Read our short tutorial on How to get started: Get started on CoinTrendz

CoinTrendzBot on Telegram

@CoinTrendzBot is one of the most famous and feature-rich Crypto Bots on Telegram, which can be used for 100% free. This Crypto Telegram Bot will help you to navigate through the Crypto Markets and stay up-to-date in this fast-paced space. Add CoinTrendzBot to your Crypto Telegram Trading Group and use it together with your friends! Check Crypto Charts, Coin Prices, Sentiment Analysis, Technical Analysis and more, all within our Bot.