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CoinTrendz features a variety of Free Telegram Channels and Crypto tools for everyone to use. We do that, to help the Crypto space and attract new people. If you would like to get additional features and support us, feel free to upgrade to our Premium Plan.

Free Telegram Channels

Telegram Crypto CoinTrendz Channel


CoinTrendz Main Channel
This Channel keeps you up to date with overall Information and data about the Crypto Market!

Telegram Crypto Whale Hunter Channel

Whale Hunter

CoinTrendz Whale Hunter
The Whale Hunter Algorithm detects unusual Whale Activity in Crypto Markets!

Telegram Crypto Margin Sniper Channel

Margin Sniper

CoinTrendz Margin Sniper
The Margin Sniper Algorithm detects large Liquidations, Shorts & Longs on Bitmex!

Telegram Crypto CoinTrendz Channel

Pump Detector

CoinTrendz Pump Detector
The Pump Detector Algorithm detects Markets with Unusual Activity which result in a Pump!

Telegram Crypto Whale Hunter Channel

Wall Monitor

CoinTrendz Wall Monitor
The Wall Monitor Algorithm detects when large Buy or Sell Walls gets placed in the Orderbook!

Free Telegram Bot

Telegram Crypto CoinTrendz Channel

CoinTrendz Bot

CoinTrendz Telegram Bot
CoinTrendzBot is the #1 Telegram Bot for All Things Crypto!

CoinTrendz Community

CoinTrendz Temple ⛩ is a place to meet, connect and exchange with lots of interesting people from the Crypto Space. We are a fast growing community full of crypto traders, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts & more. We are always here to help and are happy for feedback/suggestions related to our services! Everyone is Welcome.

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