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Crypto Telegram Alerts

Core Features

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Crypto Market Alerts

Set Price, Volume, Marketcap Alerts for your Cryptocurrencies!

  • Coin / Cryptocurrency of your choice
  • Crypto Alert type: Price, Volume, Marketcap
  • Get notified once alert triggers
Crypto Price Alerts
Crypto Exchange Alerts

Advanced Crypto Exchange Alerts

Set Advanced Price, Volume Alerts for your Cryptocurrency Markets!

  • Crypto Exchange of your choice
  • Binance Alerts, KuCoin Alerts & Bittrex Alerts
  • Select your desired Crypto Market
  • Alert Type in %: Volume or Price
  • Custom Time Window
Crypto Pump & Dump Alerts

Crypto Pump & Dump Alerts

Get notified when a Cryptocurrency Market is pumping or dumping!

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange of your choice
  • Select your desired Crypto Market
  • Get notified on a Pump or Dump

Coin List Alerts

Get notified when a new Cryptocurrency Market gets listed on an Exchange!

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange of your choice
  • Get notified when a new Cryptocurrency gets listed
  • Be the first to know!
Coin List Alerts

Portfolio Coin Tracking

Add your Coins and track your Crypto Portfolio!

  • Add your Cryptocurrency Investments
  • Track your Crypto Profits / Losses
  • Free Crypto Portfolio Tracking
  • Crypto Dashboard
Crypto Portfolio Tracker


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Alerts set on CoinTrendz

Free vs Premium


Features Basic Premium
Monthly price Free $9.99
Core Functionality
Portfolio Manager
Telegram & E-Mail Alerts
Crypto News & Events
Alerts Quota
Coin Alerts 5 50
Advanced Alerts 4 40
Pump & Dump Alerts 3 30
Crypto Market Alerts 2 20
Additional Perks
Coin List Alerts
Technical Alerts
Volume Detector
Coin of the month


CoinTrendz is an All-In-One Crypto Dashboard, where you can set custom crypto market alerts, manage your crypto portfolio, check the latest crypto trends, news, events & more! You can receive your crypto alerts through Telegram or E-Mail. Monitor your favourite cryptocurrencies!
CoinTrendz does currently support E-Mail and Telegram Alerts. You can connect your Account with Telegram on the settings page.
Yes! CoinTrendz basic plan is 100% free. If you wish to support CoinTrendz and its developers, you can upgrade to a monthly premium membership. The Premium Memberships comes with a variety of special perks!
You can contact me via twitter @N1njaWTF. Always open for criticism / suggestions to make CoinTrendz better!
You can support CoinTrendz and its developers by upgrading to a premium membership. :)


CoinTrendz on Platforms


CoinTrendz TwitterBot tweets out Crypto Twitter & Market Charts. Also notifys you when a pump with a trading volume over 1000 happens on a Crypto Exchange!

CoinTrendz Telegram Channel notifys you when a Pump with a trading volume over 100 happens on a Crypto Exchange!

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Android App for the CoinTrendz Website! Easy Access to CoinTrendz with your Android Phone! All Crypto Alerts & Charts available!

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