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How to receive Alerts

1 Create Alert

Login to CoinTrendz Dashboard and create an alert such as a simple Price Alert, ATH Alert or Liquidation.

2 24/7 Market Checks

Our Alert System monitors the Market 24/7 and checks if your alert matches the criteria from the trading data.

3 Real-time Notification

Once the alert triggers, our bot sends you a notification in realtime on telegram. Stay ahead of everyone else!

Custom. Reliable. Realtime.

Easily connect your account with telegram to receive alert notifications to any supported device on smartphones, tablets and computers. Set custom crypto alerts in our clean & easy to use Crypto Dashboard.

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RSI Scanner - Binance [1d]
NEO/BTC is now oversold!
RSI Value: 29.47
πŸ’° Price: 0.00237 BTC
πŸ“Š Volume: 343.14 BTC
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Example Alerts

πŸ“Š Volume Monitor [60min]
ECOX/USDT on Kucoin
Volume: 1,180 USDT (+607.70%)
Price change: 2.65%
Volume has increased by 1,013 USDT ⬆
3 minutes ago⏰
πŸŽ‰Coin List Alert on CoingeckoπŸŽ‰
A new market has been listed on Coingecko
Newly added Market: random-tg
4 minutes ago⏰
πŸš€ Pump - CTSI/USDT [Binance]
Pump Activity detected! 🟒🟒
πŸ’°Price: $0.158 ➜ $0.169 (+7.16%)
πŸ“ŠVolume: $2.33M (+131.28%)
Volume increased by $1.32M ⬆
6 minutes ago⏰

Custom Alerts

Fully customizable Alerts.
Create personalized Alerts with your own defined values, triggers and timeframes.

24/7 Monitoring

CoinTrendz Algorithms run 24/7.
Our Real-Time Alert System is running around the clock to provide you with timely alerts.

100% Free

No Credit Card required.
You can use our Crypto Alerts Platform for Free! Paid Plans come with extra features.

Market Insights. Anywhere. Realtime. 🌍

Our Crypto Alerts Platform comes with a lot of alerts and features which can be used for free. You can set simple Coin Price Alerts, All-Time-High notifications, Pump Alerts and much more. Below you can see a quick glimpse into our Crypto Alerts Dashboard!

Crypto AI Bot Telegram

Crypto Price Alerts πŸ’°

Create custom Coin Price, Volume, Marketcap Alerts and get notified when your targets hit. Stay in Control and Stay informed with our Crypto Price Alerts.

Crypto Price Alerts Telegram

Crypto ATH Alerts 🎯

Stay on top of your crypto game with our ATH (All-Time High) Alerts feature. Receive real-time notifications when your favorite cryptocurrencies hit new record highs, empowering you to make timely decisions and navigate the exciting peaks of the market.

CoinTrendzBot Pro Commands

Crypto Pump Detector πŸš€

Unleash the power of our Crypto Pump Detector, your ultimate tool for identifying sudden surges in cryptocurrency prices. Be the first to know about potential market pumps, receive instant alerts, and seize opportunities to capitalize on price spikes.

Shortcut Commands telegram

Periodic Alerts πŸ”„

Use our Periodic Alerts feature, tailored to keep you informed on Telegram at regular intervals. Whether it's market sentiment, price movements, or crypto tradingview charts, receive timely reminders that suit your schedule.

& much more!

Crypto Alerts for Anyone

Bitcoin Investor

Crypto Enthusiasts

CoinTrendz is the one-stop shop for all crypto market information you may need. Get access to valuable trading data and observe whats happening in the Market. Stay up to date and never miss a move!
Crypto Day Traders

Day Traders

Find profitable trading opportunities before anyone else and access valuable realtime market information. Get insightful crypto alerts in realtime and be the first to know. Never miss important market action again!
Crypto Newbies

Crypto Newbies

CoinTrendz Dashboard is also great for people new to Crypto to learn more about how the Market works and to stay up to date in this volatile market. Create your own Alerts and get a feeling for the Market!

Are Using

Been using CoinTrendz since 2017 and the platform constantly improved providing more alert options. The Premium version really is really worth it and comes with a lot of additional features.

CoinTrendz Testimonial
Alex H.
IT Consultant

CoinTrendz Alerts have helped me to keep up with the fast-paced Crypto Markets. The ATH and Pump Alerts are a nice feature!

CoinTrendz Review
Emma J.
Crypto Newbie

Cointrendz Premium has really helped me to successfully spot trading opportunities. The Telegram Alerts have been a great assistant to my crypto journey.

Jason M
James L.
Day Trader

The Free Version of CoinTrendz is pretty epic! I set some basic Price, ATH and Sentiment Alerts. The dashboard is user-friendly and the alerts save me a ton of time.

Robert Fox
Michael T.

I used the free version for quite a while already and just recently upgraded to Ultimate. As a frequent user, the extended version is really worth it for me, with all the extra features and the Pro Version of the Bot.

Annette Black
Adeyemi O.
Financial Analyst

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