About Us

In the winter of 2017, we recognized a growing problem in the cryptocurrency business. Although the crypto sector was thriving, most investors used more than one exchange to trade crypto; making it hard to keep track of your investments & trades. This is why we created CoinTrendz - an All-In-One Dashboard for all your cryptocurrency needs. Whether that is setting up crypto alerts, tracking your investments, checking out the latest events, news & updates or following the latest ICO listings - CoinTrendz has got you covered.


Our mission is to provide an All-In-One Crypto platform where you can set any kinds of crypto alerts to keep track of the volatile & fast market. Elite-Trader or Newbie, CoinTrendz is a tool which everyone can use for their purpose. We want to create awareness and increase adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.


Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are just beginning to make a tangible impact on how we lead our lives. We are adamant that this is the beginning of a paradigm shift that will have far-reaching effects.
We aim to create the number one alerting platform for cryptocurrency and become the only crypto platform you will ever need.


The cryptocurrency community is a testament to the internet's awesome power to bring people together. CoinTrendz is a fast growing community full of crypto traders, hodlers, enthusiasts & more.


CoinTrendz on Platforms


CoinTrendz TwitterBot tweets out Crypto Twitter & Market Charts. Also notifys you when a crypto pump happens on a Crypto Exchange!


CoinTrendz Telegram Channel notifys you about current Crypto market actions and alerts you when the price of a cryptocurrency is pumping!

Android App

Android App for the CoinTrendz Website! Easy Access to CoinTrendz with your Android Phone! All Crypto Alerts & Charts available!

CoinTrendz Team


Markus Fleischli

Founder / CEO



Tech Advisor