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EXTRATOR - Seu refúgio.


CoinTrendzBot Features

Telegram Crypto Bot Price

Crypto Prices

Displays Price Information about a Cryptocurrency.
- /p bitcoin
- /p eth
- /p neo

Crypto Charts

Displays a TradingView Chart about a Cryptocurrency.
- /c btc
- /c eth 1d
- /c neo 1d rsi macd dark

Telegram Crypto Bot Tradingview Chart

Telegram Crypto Bot Volume

Crypto Volume

Displays Volume Information about a Cryptocurrency.
- /vol btc 60
- /vol eth/usd 120
- /vol neo/btc 90

Crypto Google Trends

Displays a Google Trends Chart about a Cryptocurrency.
- /google buy btc 1y
- /google bitcoin, ethereum 1m

Telegram Crypto Bot Google Trends Chart

Telegram Crypto Bot Technical Analyis

Crypto Technical Analysis

Displays Technical Analysis about a Cryptocurrency.
- /ta btc 1d
- /ta neo/btc 4h bittrex
- /ta eth/usd 1h binance

Crypto Market Index

Displays Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap.
- /index

Telegram Crypto Bot Market Index

More Features

CoinTrendzBot is the leading Crypto Telegram Bot and comes with a variety of features. You can get realtime Crypto Price Information, custom TradingView Charts with Technical Indicators, Crypto Volume information, Top10 Cryptocurrencies, Top Gainers & Losers, Google Trends Chart, latest Reddit News & more!
Simply type "/help" and get a list of all available Commands!


Cryptocurrency is just beginning to make a tangible impact on how we lead our lives. We believe that everyone should have access to Crypto Market Information, thats why we created CoinTrendzBot.


The cryptocurrency community is a testament to the internet's awesome power to bring people together. CoinTrendz is a fast growing community full of crypto traders, hodlers, enthusiasts & more.

All CoinTrendzBot Commands

Command Description Free
/start Start the Bot
Basic Commands
/p Crypto Coin's Price
/c Crypto Coin's Chart
/ob Coin's Orderbook Chart
/checkob Analyze Coin's Orderbook
/ta Coin's Technical Analysis
/vol Coin's Volume Analysis
/ath Coin's ATH USD Value & Date
/athbtc Coin's ATH BTC Value & Date
/google Google Trends Chart
/index Top 10 Coins by Marketcap
/cap Total Crypto Market Stats
/best Best Performing Coins
/worst Worst Performing Coins
/sentiment Show current Sentiment in Crypto
News & Events
/news Show News for specific Coin
/events Show Events for specific Coin
/reddit Latest Reddit News
/trades Show Past Trades
/whales Show Big Whale Orders
/liquidations Show Bitmex Liquidations
/sc Chart for a Public traded Stock
Forex & Gold
/fc Chart for Forex / Gold
/quote Show a Random Quote
/howtoadd How to add Bot to a Group
/info Info about the Bot & CoinTrendz
/advertise Advertise on CoinTrendz
/terms Terms & Privacy Policy
/pro Upgrade to Pro Version

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