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Add our Telegram Crypto Bot @CoinTrendzBot to your telegram group and use it together with your friends! You can simply add our Crypto Bot to a Telegram Group, the same way as you would add a friend. Everyone that is a member of the group, can then use the crypto market bot without having to DM him! 100% free!

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CoinTrendz Telegram Bot Features

Our Telegram Crypto Bot @CoinTrendzBot comes with a lot of commands/features which can be used for free. These commands will let you check Crypto Prices, Crypto Charts, Technical Analysis, Volume Information and more. Use these commands in your Crypto Trading Groups or via Direct Message on Telegram. Our Telegram Bot has been created with the aim to make your crypto trading more profitable and to get a better/faster overview of what is happening in the crypto markets. Below you can see some of the most used telegram commands on our Crypto Telegram Bot.

Telegram Crypto Bot Price

Crypto Prices

Displays Price Information about a Cryptocurrency.
- /p bitcoin
- /p eth
- /p neo

Crypto Charts

Displays a TradingView Chart about a Cryptocurrency.
- /c btc
- /c eth 1d
- /c neo 1d rsi macd dark

Telegram Crypto Bot Tradingview Chart

Telegram Crypto Bot Volume

Crypto Volume

Displays Volume Information about a Cryptocurrency.
- /vol btc 60
- /vol eth/usd 120
- /vol neo/btc 90

Crypto Google Trends

Displays a Google Trends Chart about a Cryptocurrency.
- /google buy btc 1y
- /google bitcoin, ethereum 1m

Telegram Crypto Bot Google Trends Chart

Telegram Crypto Bot Technical Analyis

Crypto Technical Analysis

Displays Technical Analysis about a Cryptocurrency.
- /ta btc 1d
- /ta neo/btc 4h bittrex
- /ta eth/usd 1h binance

Crypto Market Index

Displays Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap.
- /index

Crypto Telegram Bot Market Index

More Features

CoinTrendzBot is the leading Crypto Telegram Bot and comes with a variety of features. You can get realtime Crypto Price Information, custom TradingView Charts with Technical Indicators, Crypto Volume information, Top10 Cryptocurrencies, Top Gainers & Losers, Google Trends Chart, latest Reddit News & more!
Simply type "/help" and get a list of all available Commands!


Cryptocurrency is just beginning to make a tangible impact on how we lead our lives. We believe that everyone should have access to Crypto Market Information, thats why we created CoinTrendzBot.


The cryptocurrency community is a testament to the internet's awesome power to bring people together. CoinTrendz is a fast growing community full of crypto traders, hodlers, enthusiasts & more.

A Crypto Telegram Bot is a software on the Telegram Messenger, which is 24/7 online and helps you to make crypto trading easier. Our Telegram Bot can provide you with all the Crypto Price Information, Signals, Charts and analysis you need. Use a Telegram Crypto Bot to gain access to realtime information about the markets and act quickly on crypto trading opportunities.
CoinTrendzBot can be used for 100% free for most commands. You can even add it to your crypto telegram groups, without any cost. If you wish to have an ad-free experience and all the extra "pro" commands, upgrade to the CoinTrendzBot Pro Version here.
Its actually pretty simple to use a crypto bot on telegram. You can Chat with @CoinTrendzBot on Telegram, as you would with any other normal person. Instead of writing "Hi", simply send one of the many commands such as "/c btc" and the Crypto Bot will reply with a Crypto Chart for example. Additionally, you can add this Telegram Bot to your group like a normal user. Then you can use all the commands together with your friends in that group. Voila!
CoinTrendzBot is one of the Best Crypto Telegram Bots with the most commands and features available. It's not just a simple Telegram Crypto Price Bot, but offers a bunch of exclusive commands to maximize your crypto trading experience.
Use our Crypto Bot on Telegram to always stay up-to-date with the crypto markets and spot opportunities quickly. Check the hottest Crypto Charts and other Information in real-time. CoinTrendzBot will help you to gain an edge, maximize your crypto market analysis and trading experience. A variety of telegram commands will assist you to make better trades and understand the crypto price action. Identify opportunities faster than others and act quickly. Easily share crypto trading ideas and charts with your friends in your telegram trading group.
We are always open for suggestions and feedback about our Telegram Crypto Bot. If you have a great idea for a new feature/command, please tell us and we may consider adding it. Enter our Telegram Group and let us know! Join our Telegram Crypto Trading Community here: CoinTrendz Temple ⛩

All CoinTrendzBot Commands

Command Description Free
/start Start the Bot
Basic Commands
/p Crypto Coin's Price
/c Crypto Coin's Chart
/dex Coin's On-Chain Price
/cdex Coin's On-Chain Chart
/ob Coin's Orderbook Chart
/ideas Tradingview Ideas
/ta Coin's Technical Analysis
/vol Coin's Volume Analysis
/exch List all Markets of a Coin
/desc Description of a Coin
/ath Coin's ATH USD Value & Date
/athbtc Coin's ATH BTC Value & Date
/google Google Trends Chart
/twitter Latest Tweets
/index Top 10 Coins by Marketcap
/cap Total Crypto Market Stats
/comp Compare Market Capitalization
/best Best Performing Coins
/worst Worst Performing Coins
/gas Show Current ETH Gas Fees
/sentiment Show current Sentiment in Crypto
News & Events
/news Show News for specific Coin
/events Show Events for specific Coin
/reddit Latest Reddit News
/funding Futures Funding Rates
/io Show Open Interest
/liquidations Show Bitmex Liquidations
/sc Chart for a Public traded Stock
/markethours Stock Market Trading Hours
Forex & Gold
/fc Chart for Forex / Gold
/rates Live Forex Rates
/quote Show a Random Quote
/joke Show a Random Joke
/howtoadd How to add Bot to a Group
/info Info about the Bot & CoinTrendz
/advertise Advertise on CoinTrendz
/terms Terms & Privacy Policy
/pro Upgrade to Pro Version
PRO Only Commands
/tweets Coin's Twitter Stats
/trades Show Past Trades
/whales Show Big Whale Orders
/checkob Analyze Coin's Orderbook
/ratio Long/Short Ratio

CointrendzBot Pro

CoinTrendzBot Pro is the exlusive "pro" version of our famous Crypto Telegram Bot @CoinTrendzBot. This Pro Version comes without ads and gets you access to extra commands. You can upgrade an entire group, so everyone in the group gets to experience the Pro Version OR you can upgrade your personal private chat.


Enjoy the ad-free experience of our leading Crypto Market Bot.

Extra Commands

Get access to our exclusive pro-only CoinTrendzBot Commands.

Extra Commands

Pro Command Description
/tweets Coin's Twitter Stats
/trades Show Past Trades
/whales Show Big Whale Orders
/checkob Analyze Coin's Orderbook
/ratio Long/Short Ratio

How to Upgrade

DM @CoinTrendzBot on Telegram and type /pro.
If you want to upgrade a group, add @CoinTrendzBot to your group and type /pro.

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