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Below is a list of frequently asked questions by both users who are already a part of CoinTrendz and from those that aren't.
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CoinTrendz is an All-In-One Crypto Dashboard, where you can set all kinds of custom crypto market alerts, manage your crypto portfolio, check the latest crypto trends, news, events & more! Monitor your favourite cryptocurrencies and get notified on trading opportunities!
CoinTrendz is running and monitoring the crypto market 24/7. In our databases, we store millions of rows of data from the crypto market & exchanges. We run custom algorithms & analyze that data. Our Bots never sleep and will notify you on unusual market actions, so you never miss an opportunity.
You can receive alerts through E-Mail or/and Telegram! Easily connect your account with telegram and start receiving alerts from our bot!
Currently we support Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin, Poloniex, HitBTC, Bibox, Okex, Bitfinex & Kraken!
With CoinTrendz, you don't have to monitor the market 24/7 to know whats happening. The bot provides you extra information in the form of signals about altcoins that are sent to your Telegram. You can use these signals as hints at shifts in market situation and factor them in your trading. CoinTrendz is a tool that helps you to understand how the market works and whats happening at the moment. Use that information / signals to evaluate wether its worth it to enter a trade or not.
Yes! CoinTrendz basic plan is 100% free. If you wish to support CoinTrendz and its developers, you can upgrade to a monthly premium membership. The premium membership comes with a variety of special perks! Check out the comparison here: Premium vs Free
We accept cryptocurrency payments & paypal through our trusted payment gateway from!
Yes! Every user that signs up will receive his personal referral link, which he can share and invite other users to the platform. Once a user registers through your link, you will receive 1 week of premium for free! :)
You can contact us via twitter @CoinTrendz or through the Live-Chat. Always open for criticism / suggestions to make CoinTrendz better!